A: Our process is pretty simple. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Dont be in a hurry. A roof is a big investment and research is very important. Done correctly a roof will last decades. A good contractor will understand that you will have many questions, and they should be happy to answer them.
  2. Call at least 3 different contractors. You should get written bids from all three explaining exactly what will be done, the materials to be used, a timeframe, etc.
  3. Shingles come in many different types of colors, quality, and length of warranty. Our advice is to go with premium materials. You get what you pay for. We would suggest synthetic felt, ice and water barrier, and Owens Corning Duration shingles.
  4. Each home is different. The contractor should be able to identify any soft spots to be repaired, as well as any other problematic areas that need to be addressed.
  5. If a contractor needs any type of payment before the roof is complete, this should be a red flag. Be very cautious! You wouldn’t pay a mechanic before he works on your car. A reputable contractor wont ask for a payment before the work is complete.
  6. Take time to inspect other areas around your roof. This may be a good time to get new gutters. When customers opt to have both done at the same time we offer a substantial discount. If you do not have the gutters done, make sure the roofing contractor protects them while working. Before you make your payment make sure the gutters are cleaned out and in the same shape as before the work began.
  7. Find out the cost for unexpected things. Many homes will have rotten 4×8 sheets of plywood. They are usually located in the valleys, around chimneys, and torwards the bottom of the roof. Before the work starts, ask the costs on replacing any damaged sheets. Typically it is 35.00 per sheet installed.

If we can answer any questions, feel free to email or call. Thank you.